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People would always dream of taking their own cars to work as they are thinking that they can show off something to their friends and work mates. Of course, there could be a lot of positive sides when it comes to owning a car but there could also be a lot of not so good points when it comes to having it. Some people would be so worried about the car accidents and other things that might affect their cars like they need to pay for the towing service Concord NC in case that their cars are not doing well. You have to think about the maintenance and a lot of things. That is why some parents would discourage their kids not to take a car going to their campus as it is just a waste of gasoline and kids would be lazy enough to enjoy the beauty of life by taking a bus or train and even the subways. Overall to this, there are a lot of reasons on why it is not always a good thing to bring your car or drive your car when you are going to work.  

  1. One of the most common reasons on why some people would not consider bringing their cars to work is that they don’t have enough space and they don’t where to park their cars. Cars are so expensive and you can’t just let it park or put anywhere and somewhere. There might be bad people who will break into your cars and get some important things there. If you are going to public places, too. It is difficult to choose and locate a good spot to park your vehicle.  
  1. It is a good thing if you know some shortcuts or ways to get away from those very tiring driving activities. But if you are not so sure about the street and roads. You would be stuck in a traffic jam like another buses. Compared to taking the public train or subways where there is no traffic to experience. You can’t leave your car in the middle of the road and get a public bus to go to your work.  
  1. Aside from that you need to take the risk of putting gasoline to your car. It won’t work if there is no fuel in it. The prices of the fuel and gasoline now is getting high and too expensive to buy by an ordinary employee only. It is very impractical to think this kind of way.  
  1. You have to make sure that you have enough money for the maintenance of it. You have to make sure that the engine is working so fine and there is no problem with its different car parts.  
  1. You can’t drive the car without having its own insurance and your own insurance for yourself. Accidents could be everywhere so you need this. It is always good to be ready anytime of the day. Cars could be easily damage if there is no proper care.  
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